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Are you an Android user? Do you want to know about free VPNs? Well! We have designed this article, especially for you. Nothing is better than using the best VPN for android for free to ensure security. Don’t think it is the only solution to solve all privacy issues. 

But you can install the best VPN for android to ensure that no one is seeing your browsing history. This way, you can protect your device. Using a VPN doesn’t allow others to see what you are doing and searching. Obviously, everyone has privacy and wants to maintain it. 

How does a VPN Work?

best vpn for android for free
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A VPN is a way to secure your connection. It can hide your IP address after redirecting the website traffic through a remote server. This way, the server shows the source of traffic instead of the actual location. Maybe these servers are present in your country or all over the world. Moreover, VPN can encrypt the traffic on your computer. It gives more security to your browsing history and the PC. 

When you connect the best VPN for android to freely browse the internet, it means the VPN acts like a center wire between you and the site. When a computer conveys a message to the VPN, it sends this message to the website. As a result, the website sends the response to the VPN and secures your connection. 

Top 5 Best VPN for Android for Free

best vpn for android for free
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For a single device, this VPN is the best option. It is a free VPN that allows users to enjoy medium speed. It means you can’t access the ten gigabit-per-second server. However, the speed of this VPN is good. But unfortunately, you can’t enjoy Netflix streaming while using this VPN. To enjoy such a feature, you have to go for a premium program. While enjoying many other streaming services, this VPN is the best option.  

The privacy policy of the best VPN for android for free is outstanding. It allows users to enjoy data without any limits. You only need to create an account for this service. The free version provides three countries’ choices. 

Windscribe Pro:

It is another amazing VPN for Android users. However, this VPN doesn’t allow users to enjoy unlimited data. But it allows them to enjoy 10GB of browsing per month. The plus point of this VPN is that it doesn’t have any device limit. The free version provides ten countries’ choices. 

To use the free services of this best free VPN for phones, you need to confirm your email address. The privacy policy of this VPN is outstanding. 


Nothing is better than using Speedify VPN. The specialty of this VPN is the transition between Wi-Fi and cellular. Commonly, when you go between both these transitions, the connection restarts. But when you use this best free VPN for android TV boxes, this connection doesn’t stop and restart. It continues without any hurdles. Moreover, this VPN can also maximize the speed. 

The speed after using this best VPN for android for free is amazing. That is almost the top 15. The only limitation of this VPN is that you can only enjoy 2GB of data per month. However, it is not much for users but can give you many other benefits. The VPN is the best option for basic web browsing. 


In 2022, this VPN won the award of the best Editors’ choice. However, it was launched in 2009 and got famous soon. This best free VPN for the phone has been in use since 2009. But now, it is at its peak of fame because of transparency. It is why many businesses use this VPN to increase the speed of the internet. 

Surf Shark:

It is another best VPNs for android APK free download to improve security and privacy. Not only this, the interface of VPN is simple, with unlimited connections. That is why the VPN is famous among users around the world. However, it is expensive but cheaper than competitors. That is why it earned the best editor’s choice award in 2022. 

Moreover, the VPN provides amazing features like a kill switch and DNS leak security. Besides, it has many other features. These include camouflage mode, split-tunneling, NoBorders mode, and multi-hop VPN connections. Using this best free VPN for android TV box, you don’t need to worry about ads and malware because it blocks all. 

Things to Look for in a Free VPN for Android

best vpn for android for free
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We have discussed many factors everyone must consider before using a free VPN. Now, it is possible for you to search for reliable VPNs on Google. The best thing about Google is that it keeps harmful apps away from the play store. But still, some apps are scams. Maybe the app is not a scam, but the service is not so good. 

Therefore, everyone must choose the best VPN for android for free. This way, they can minimize the chances of being scammed and security issues.  

Are you looking for a free but reliable VPN? Some VPNs allow users to only enjoy free service for a week or a month and provide Kodi Addons. After that, they need to pay for a secure connection. While the above-mentioned VPNs are free. You don’t need to pay even a single penny to use them. But what do you need to do? You only have to read the privacy policy to know which VPN is the best match. 


We have discussed some best VPN for android for free. Now, it is not a concern of Android users how to maintain privacy. A reliable VPN can do it for you. Some VPNs are reliable enough with good speed. So, if you maintain a slow internet connection, an active VPN can make it faster. 

Before choosing the best VPN for android APK free download, you must read the privacy policy of such VPN. This way, you can get an idea of whether it is good to go. Moreover, also pay attention to the interface if it is simple to use.


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