How Can You View Instagram Private Profile and Photo?

Now, many new features have been introduced on Instagram with improved technology. One of these features is the private account. It means the version only allows followers to view Instagram private profile posts, reels, and stories. This way, you can protect your account from bad users. 

Though this feature is helpful for many users, some find it not good. Now, the issue is how to view Instagram private profile pictures. To do so, you can’t go directly. For this, you have to use some other workarounds. This article will highlight some tricks that will help you to view your private account

What Does It Relate To Having A Private Instagram Account?

When you change your Instagram account to private, it means you only allow followers to view your photos and videos. Don’t worry that your posts will appear in searches. It will not happen even if you use famous hashtags. 

When you have a private account, it means everyone needs to follow you to see your stories. In a private account, the user can only see the follow button. It means the user can’t view Instagram private profile.

How To View Private Instagram Account Posts Without A Request To Follow

view Instagram private profile
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Now, people want to know how they can view the content of their private Instagram accounts. The following are some helpful ways to do so:

Through Google Image Search

To view Instagram private profile posts, you have to use Google.

  • For this, you need to copy and paste the username of the private account on Google. Then run an image search. 
  • Now, it is time to view all the details of the private account. 

Through Someone Else’s Account

Another way is to use your common friend’s account to view Instagram private profile pictures. It means if you have a friend that is following the private account you want to view. Then it is possible for you to view the account from such a friend’s account. You may also ask your friend to send you a screenshot of the desired post. 

Search Other Platforms

Another way to view Instagram private profile is to search it on other platforms. You can search on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But to do so, you should need to know the name of the person. 

Wait for the Instagram Account to Get Public

view instagram private profile
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Suppose any of these ways are not fruitful. Then you have to wait for the account to get public. Unfortunately, you don’t have any other way to view photos, stories, posts, and reels. 

Send A Follow Request

At first, you should adopt the traditional trick, send a follow request. Once you send the request, you have to wait until the owner accepts the request. So, you can view Instagram private stories.

If you have good luck and your desired person is online. Then maybe he will accept the request and allow you to view photos, stories, and reels. While if you have bad luck and your desired person is offline. Then you have to wait until he comes online. 

Use Injectbox.Com

It is the best site to view Instagram private profiles. So, Android and iPhone users can use this site. But you need to follow the instructions given below:

  • Visit Instagram and get the name of the account you want to follow.
  • Now, go to this site and find the Private Instagram viewer option.
  • Go to that option and enter the name of the account.
  • Now, it is time to click the view private account.
  • Then you will see many followers and followings of the account. After that, you have to confirm whether it is the desired account.
  • In the end, click the confirm username button and start viewing the content of the private account. 

Use The Instagram++ Extension

For iPhone users:

  • Firstly you have to turn off auto rotation.
  • Now, visit the setting and open the general option. Then turn on the app refresh.
  • Now, you have to visit
  • Here, you have to find the search bar and enter Instagram.
  • Now, you will see an Instagram ++ app.
  • Download it and insert this extension in the main Instagram app.
  • Now, you will see a window where you have to complete some steps.
  • Once you complete it, wait for the activation of the commands. Then go to the Instagram app.
  • Now, you can search private accounts and see all the content. 

For Android users:

To view someone’s private Instagram profile, you only need to change the setting of autorotation. Once you have turned off auto rotation. You are required to go to the site and follow the above steps. In the end, you will see all the private accounts. No doubt, Instagram is a famous platform for sharing videos and photos with others all over the world. 

It is easy for you to create the best story and tag your friends, family, or other users. This way, you can get more exposure to your story. However, this platform encourages sharing stories with the public. But it also has another feature that allows users to keep their accounts private. 


Instagram allows users to create any of the two accounts. One account is for public use, while the other is private. After account creation, you can see that photos and videos are set to public. It means anyone can see your stories, reels, photos, and videos, so if you want to make this account private. You have to change its setting. 

A public account allows other users to easily find someone on Instagram using a username. At the same time, a private account doesn’t allow the user to view photos and videos of another user. A user can only view Instagram private profile if the person approves the following request. 

In simple words, you can keep your account private from public view. But still, there are many ways to find the username and phone number on Instagram. Maybe you want to follow someone and see her stories, but her account is private. Maybe you have a crush on someone, but she doesn’t allow you to see photos and videos. 



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