What are Kodi Addons, and How do you Set them up?

Are you new to Kodi? It means that you are one of the many users who wonder what are Kodi Addons. As you start to get a hold of Kodi, you will come across many situations where Addons will be a great help for you. However, there are some official as well as unofficial addons. Hence, you may also think, ‘are Kodi addons legal?’. For such concerns, you need to be sure that you are using addons from a reliable source. 

Most of the streaming geeks prefer third-party add-ons. The main reason behind this is the optimization facility and ease of opportunities. However, there are some challenges with third-party addons as well. They can be unstable. 

Hence, after considering multiple choices, you will ultimately prefer the Kodi repo officially since you get to enjoy both reliability and consistency. In this article, we will discuss ‘what are Addons’ and how you can add them to your Kodi efficiently. 

What are Kodi Addons?

what are kodi addons

Before installing Kodi addons, let’s see how the platform runs. It will help you to grasp the knowledge and know what you are addons doing in your system. To define it in simple terms, Kodi is a media player. You can use this system as a drive to play audio files as well as stream them online on different sites. However, if you plan to run these media offline as well, you need to ensure that you download addons, also known as plugins. 

What are Kodi Addons? The official Kodi repo is a work that developers at Kodi maintain themselves. Hence, there is a constant monitoring practice. Moreover, consistency leads to stability of performance. You will also expose yourself to the least possible risk. Therefore, you feel the safest. However, the only drawback that you will come across is the limited content. 

You will witness how powerful Kodi Addons make the open-source media player. And it provides a beautiful experience after installing Kodi addons. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to install Kodi addons. This article will walk you through each stage. 

Please be aware that neither Kodi nor Driver Easy promotes piracy. Kodi and its addons should only be used lawfully.

Configure Kodi settings before installing addons

There are also times when you would prefer to install the addons from a third party. But the biggest challenge you will face is the restriction of downloads. Since Kodi does not allow you to watch videos or download content from unknown resources. We suggest you ensure that your settings allow you to download and configure how Kodi Addons

Following are some vital things you need to cover:

  1. Launch Kodi, and then you have to select System settings under Settings. 
  2. Select Add-ons, then select the radio box for Unknown sources. 
  3. If a pop-up warning appears, click Yes to accept. 

Then, to enhance your Kodi experience, install addons like Exodus.

How to install Kodi addons

So all the configuration is done in your Kodi settings? Now is the time to cover the how to Kodi Addons parts!

Follow the steps below to ideally add different addons and align them with your devices.

  1. Click Settings on the Kodi main page (the gear icon).
  2. Click File Manager in Step 2.
  3. Select None after selecting Add source twice. A wizard to add media sources for addons will then appear.
  4. After entering (or copying and pasting) the source media’s URL, choose OK.
  5. Give this media outlet a name. Entering a name that incorporates some of your source URL characters is advised. Then press OK.
  6. Return to the main Kodi page.
  7. On the right upper left place, select Addons.
  8. In the top corner, click the Package symbol.
  9. Select “Get it right from zip folder.”
  10. Open the file supplied by the source media you just entered The.zip file will be installed for you by Kodi. Wait until a notice appears in the top right corner.
  11. Click Install from the repository on page 12.
  12. Select the just-downloaded repository.
  13. Select an addon category, such as Music addons, Video addons, or Program addons.
  14. After finding the addon you wish to install by scrolling up and down, click it.
  15. On the addon information page, click the Install button at the bottom.
  16. Hold off till the Add-on installation message appears in the top right corner.

These steps are a complete guide for you to follow from start to finish. Moreover, there will also be addons that do not require any URL. Hence, you can skip the initial six steps. 

Bonus Tip: Use a VPN

what are kodi addons
Image by Pexels

The best decision to keep yourself safe is to use VPN. It is in your best interest if you are worried about questions like ‘are Kodi Addons legal?’.

It may be challenging for you to find out what are Kodi Addons. Moreover, they also can be a huge pain to use in multiple positions. You think that it is as simple as finding a Roku channel but later find yourself troubled. 

Install a Virtual Private Network to shield against potential issues like addon malfunctions or unavailable streams (VPN). A VPN will disguise the movie so that your ISP won’t identify it as a Kodi video and won’t ban it as a consequence. 

Simply type “VPN” into your browser to discover one, then choose the one with the greatest reputation. Try VPN if you lack the necessary patience or time.

VPN is the best option for people with geo-restrictions to use the Kodi Addons. But what are Kodi Addons? And how can you prevent snooping eyes? The VPN will help you to secure your data while performing the online activity. 

  1. Install a VPN client on your device.
  2. Launch VPN and log in.
  3. Connect to a server in the destination of your choice.

Final Verdict:

What are Kodi Addons functions? There are many facilities that you may enjoy while working on the Kodi. Once you add plugins to the system, you will uncover a whole new approach to offline streaming. 

You can also find plenty of Blu-ray and CDs. Explore our brief guide to install and set up the Kodi Addons on your device!

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