What are the Chances of Getting an Internship in Microsoft?

Maybe it looks difficult to do an internship in Microsoft. But if you are a keen lover of technology and want something creative. Then there are many chances for you to do an internship in your loving Microsoft. 

It is possible that you are looking for a job that is something more than an internship. But we assure you that this internship will be very beneficial for you. Through this, you have to deal with many projects, making links and much more. Besides, it is also very important for organizations. So, let’s explore our article to learn more about Microsoft internships and the chances to get an internship in Microsoft. 

internship in Microsoft
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To apply for the Internship of Microsoft, you must be an under-graduated in the field of computer science. 

The best thing is that Microsoft has set the CGPA level for all students. So, if your CGPA is less than that level, then it is not possible for you to do an internship. The level varies from school to school. Before applying, the candidate needs to gather all the important data from the school. 

Suppose you are curious to know what happens next in this internship. Then keep reading this article because it can open up many ways. 

Know The Rudiments

Microsoft offers many types of internships at school and college levels. So, software designers, project administrators and marketers can do this internship. 

The important thing here to note is that with increasing experience. You can get many compensations, movements and other advantages. But to avail of all these benefits, you must be a full-time student. It is good if you are doing a PhD in the relevant field. This way, you can get an Internship salary Microsoft. 

Pick The Right Role

The first step for your internship is to check which types of jobs are available to you. Then choose the one that is the best match according to your skills. The plus point of Microsoft is that it posts all the internship roles on the sites. So, you can easily choose which Internship in Microsoft is suitable. 

Secondary School Internships

Now secondary school students can do full-time internships as software engineers for ten weeks. No need to worry because it is a paid internship. This internship is of Minecraft software and digital camping. The school also offers a three-day internship for those who need to learn software engineering. The Internship from Microsoft runs from June to August. To apply for the training, you must be over 16. 

Work On Your CV

CV is most important to apply for any job. It is the first thing that all directors check. So, you must focus on your abilities, properties and characteristics. 

It is good to tailor your CV according to the post you are applying for. You must focus on the keywords that attract the attention of directors. You have the option whether you can use Microsoft developer or send CV your own adaptation. The latter option is good because it assures the best touch to the CV. 

Submit Your Application

The last thing that you must add to your CV is references. This may be your past college professor’s references or past chiefs. This is the simple way to make your CV the best among others. This way, it can go to the highest point if you are unaware of how to make a CV and submit an application. Then you can take help from a Microsoft specialist on LinkedIn. 

The posts related to Internship in Microsoft occur occasionally. So, you should check these postings to discover the relevant field for an internship. 

Nail The Interview

After application submission, the next step is the interview. So, you should be prepared to attend the interview related to questions and platforms. 

Screening interview

No matter for which post you have applied. You need to go through the screening interview first. A Microsoft recruiting specialist will take this interview. This interview aims to get some idea about the candidate. So, you must be aware of the interview process. The duration of this interview is almost 30 minutes. In this interview, you have to answer questions related to college courses, tech information, work experience and aptitudes. 

Second meeting

After the screening interview, you have to go to Microsoft HQ. Many directors make an appointment with you. There may be almost four members in the meeting. In this meeting, they ask you about the tech challenges that you want to grasp. 

Make sure to have a portfolio of past work. This must be in a way that can be useful for Internship salary Microsoft. 

Get An Offer

After passing through the interview procedures, it is time to check whether you have been selected. You can get the answer about your success or failure within 14 days. This way, you get an idea of whether you are eligible for an Internship at Microsoft. 

First, you have to work under a tutor. He will give you the work, starting date and pay. After starting the internship, you have to work as an individual. Not only this, you need to participate in meetings and make your projects and plans. 

Tips to Pass the Interview Stage

internship in Microsoft
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For the interview preparation, you have to do competitive programming. Otherwise, you need to add essential algorithms at least three times. These include Linked Lists, BFS, DFS, etc. This way, you can get an understanding of their work. 

The following are some essential sources to be prepared for the interview:

  • You can learn Competitive Programming from many online resources. But make sure to read the introduction and the message. It is a very vital part of the book. In this part, she tells us what recruiters are looking for for an Internship from Microsoft. 
  • There are several videos uploaded in which students share their experiences about their interview sessions. They also talked about the recruiting procedure. They also conducted some mock interviews with people in videos. 
  • Interview cake is the best source for you to be prepared for the interview. This covers many issues related to interviews in an easy way. So, you can easily follow this source to be prepared for the interview. Through it, you can improve your train of thought and follow the interview procedures. 
  • The best idea is to conduct mock interviews with friends. You will feel silly, but once you start explaining things. Then you will automatically shift into a different reality. 


Though it is very difficult to get an internship in Microsoft, once you get it, it gives you many benefits at a time. This way, you can not only find employment but also avail other advantages. The internship helps you to find answers to each question. Not only this, but it also gives you fearlessness around the hard course. 

No doubt when you do this internship with dedication. Then it can make impossible things possible. The initial factor to consider is that you have to give assurance about your hard-work. This way, you can display yourself in an ideal light!


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