Ways to Download Windows for Virtual Machine

Are you interested in running a window on your virtual machine? If yes, then you need to have a windows license. For this, you have to pay. But we have another amazing and stress-free process for you. Now, it is possible to get legally made windows for virtual machine

But how? Well! It is the right question. The best way is to get it from Microsoft. To get this, you don’t need to log in or go for any paid program. You just need to go through a few clicks and get a copy in a few minutes. 

Why Use Windows for Virtual Machine?

windows for virtual machine
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Though virtual machines are not a permanent solution for your windows. But these machines are reliable for users who want to run windows on a virtual machine. So they can access the required operating system to perform a particular job.

Though the use of windows for virtual machine is at its peak the question is what the reasons behind it are. Many people don’t know the benefits of using VMs. But these are common cases. 

The main benefit of using windows virtual machine XP is software development. It makes it easy for you to test softwares for particular windows versions. For this, you don’t need to run many computers and dual boot. 

Besides, when you don’t want to run a window but desire to get access to windows apps. Then using a virtual machine is the best option. Some projects allow the software to run on the operating system. 

Nothing is better than windows 7 for virtual machines. It is a powerful privacy tool. Using a virtual machine, you can browse within the window. At this time, you don’t need to worry about cookies, fingerprints, and other issues. For more security, you can combine a virtual machine and a VPN. 

To use a virtual machine in windows server latest version 11, you don’t need to go through the complex process. It means you don’t need to install windows into a machine manually. 

Where to Get Your Free Windows VM?

Though, it is not possible for users to find the virtual machine for windows on Microsoft. But they can search such windows for virtual machine on search engines. 

Though many websites are there to install the virtual machine in a window, two are more common and famous. One is the Microsoft Edge developer Page, and the other is VMs. 

Besides, when you visit these sites, you can see dropdown menus. In the first menu, you have to select which window you want. These may be windows 7 for virtual machine, 8.1, and 10. 

In the second menu, you have to choose the virtual machine you want to run. The best option is to use Oracle Virtual Box because it is free and has an easy interface. 

Where to Get Your Free Windows VM?

windows for virtual machine
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To get the free windows XP for virtual machines, you have to choose the Oracle Virtual Box. This machine is easy to use on any window. Though we have discussed other windows we have not discussed windows 11. To install this window, you have to visit the windows 11 development environment page. 

After that, you have to choose windows for virtual machine software you want to use. Then you will get an evaluation copy of windows 11. Always note the expiration date. 

What’s the Catch?

We have discussed some important versions of windows that you can run on a virtual machine. Some pre-installed machines are different. For your own installation, you need to have a license. 

The installation has an expiration date. You can run these windows XP for virtual machine for almost three months before becoming inoperable. It is good to save a screenshot of the machine before starting to use it. Make sure to configure the machine in the way you want to use it. When the expiration date comes close, you have to check the screenshot. Make sure to back up data to transfer it to the shot. 

Windows 11 is different in functionality from other windows. It always has a set expiration date. So, it is good to download or renew these windows for the virtual machine when the expiration date comes close. Don’t think that snapshot trick will work here.

How to Use Your VM with VirtualBox

Now, you have installed the windows for virtual machine you want to use. It is time to know how to use it:

  1. Go to the virtual machine download page. Then install the software version for the host system. This may be windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.
  2. After installation of the system, run it by following the instructions.
  3. Now, unzip the installed machine and save it in the chosen folder.
  4. Then click the VM file, and it will open in the virtual box.
  5. Now, you have to click the import option.
  6. Wait until the import process is done.
  7. Then, you have to choose the machine and start using it.
  8. Now, a virtual machine will work on the desired windows.
  9. In the end, you have to log in to windows. 

Can You Run These VMs on an Apple Silicon Computer?

These virtual machines are not an issue for the users of Intel-based Apple Mac computers. Moreover, if you have an apple silicon computer, then unfortunately, you don’t have any way to use these machines.

Suppose you want to run such windows virtual machine XP on the silicon computer. Then you have to use the commercial parallels software packages. 

Though, machines also don’t run standard windows apps. So, you have to cover the modest requirement of the machine to run it on a silicon computer. You can also take guidance from experts who can handle the downloading and installation of the latest windows on your virtual machines.

The best alternative to using these machines on your computer is to buy a windows computer. Don’t try to buy silicon or Intel-based computers. Explore our brief guide to learn how you can download windows for your VR machines easily! 


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