Common Password Crack Techniques Hackers Use

It is the modern world, and everyone has internet access. Maybe you have access to many websites and services. Maybe you have logged in to many accounts. No matter what the situation is. It always increases the chances of risk for your data by password crack

It may be possible that someone or a hacker breaches your data. That is why the first thing you should do is create a strong password. This way, you can’t allow hackers to steal or exploit your data. This article will highlight some interesting password-cracking techniques. 

Common Password Cracking Techniques

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1. Brute Force Attack

It is the most common type of password cracker download that many criminals use. In this technique, crackers try to crack the password by putting in many combinations. Crackers do it until they find the right combination. To find the right password, crackers commonly use the software. The software makes it easier for crackers to crack the password in less time. 

In the past, software was not so famous and strong in cracking passwords. But with improvements in technology, this software has become advanced. According to a survey in 2012, it was revealed that software used almost 350 billion combinations per second for password crack

Though softwares makes it easy for cracks to find the right password combination, the best thing is that it becomes difficult to find short passwords. It is said that an 80-bit password can resist a brute-force attack. 

2. Dictionary Attack

It is another amazing method that many hackers use. In it, a cracker puts each word in the dictionary to crack the password. However, it is the same as a brute attack password. But it doesn’t use numbers, symbols and combinations. In it, hackers enter a single word that is found in the dictionary. 

The main reason why hackers prefer this password cracker test is that users don’t create a strong password. A survey revealed that users commonly create silly passwords. It may be the person’s name, band’s name, club’s name and dictionary words. 

So, if you have used a dictionary word, there are more chances of password crack. However, you may have the option to resist a dictionary attack. For this, you should create a combination of random words. 

3. Rainbow Table Attack

Most people store or save passwords on the server. So, it is not easy for hackers to crack these passwords as they are in meaningless strings. It is also called hashing and doesn’t allow hackers to misuse the password. So, when you put your password, it looks like a hash value. 

When a hacker enters a password into hashes, he tries to crack it to get authentication. Here, a rainbow table attack is the best technique that many hackers use. It helps them to easily crack the hashes of the password. Now, the hacker doesn’t need to enter the password. Moreover, he doesn’t need to find it because he has breached the hashes. 

When a stored password is converted into hashes, the hacker tries to break the hashes instead of dining the password. Here, he can get help from the rainbow table for password crack. When he uses this technique, he can break the hashes of the password.

You can resist this attack if you use different helpful techniques. It may be a salt technique that is more useful. It allows you to enter random data in the password before hashing it. 

4. Social Engineering

Though all of the above-mentioned techniques are useful for hackers, another important technique is social engineering. It helps hackers to take advantage of human errors and psychology. In simple words, it is a technique that hits the victim to provide sensitive information. 

Most hackers prefer to use this password cracker to crack a password. They know humans are the best way to reach out to sensitive information. Obviously, they are overthinkers and can steal information by manipulating old-age humans. Also, you need to learn more about social engineering which allows you to get skills in, above all, an expert technique to find out passwords. 

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5. Phishing

Phishing is another technique that many hackers use. It allows them to crack the password of any user’s account. This way, they can get access to sensitive information of the user. This may be financial information or data. Here, you should install the best VPN for android. It is best to first explore more about the term phishing and the techniques that are used to get appropriate results after using these techniques. 

When we talk about phishing types, there are many. These may be:

  • Email tracking
  • URL tracking
  • Website tracking
  • Smashing
  • Vishing and more

Commonly, hackers use email, phone and SMS to crack an account. Using these types, a hacker deceives a victim that there is an emergency. It means a hacker creates a curious environment that allows the victim to take some steps. As a result, the hacker steals the sensitive information by password crack time. This may be identity, financial information, passwords and more. 

As each thing has some signs to recognize. So phishing has. There are many signs to recognize it, such as:

  • A true offer
  • Email greeting
  • Email from an uncommon sender with files
  • Lottery
  • Free rewards and more 


As we know that many experts try hard to crack many passwords, but some of them are unaware of the tactics and techniques which are useful to avail the best results. But we are here to guide you on how you can crack the passwords using simple and easy steps. Read to know the best way to get the best results.

With improvements in modern industry, the stealing of data is also increasing. Now, hackers are always searching for new ways to password crack and steal data. It is why everyone suggests creating a strong password. It ensures the security and safety of your account. Make sure to use a vault app to make storing parts easy. Moreover, you must know what is important to prevent scams.


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