Let’s Have an Amazing Experience With Games on Xbox Gold

Games Xbox Gold is a service through which you can download the famous Xbox Game with a subscription. Commonly, fans can enjoy four games every month. Two games are Xbox title 1, and two games are Xbox title 360. Fans can also enjoy classic titles on Xbox, but it is occasional. Never miss any games on Xbox gold title to play each month. You can also explore many other games through Game Pass Xbox each month.

How long can you keep Games on Xbox Gold?

After downloading the best games Xbox with Gold, you can play them anywhere, any time, without any worry. No matter whether you delete it. Still, you can download it with your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription plans and delete the Xbox Game. Then you are not able to download this game again. In case you need to pay for a subscription and purchase a new one. Then you can download and play games on Xbox gold again without any worry.

Instead, when you have a 360 Xbox, you need to follow different rules. You can just play the game until you uninstall it. No matter whether you have a subscription or not, you can enjoy the game. Now you can make a subscription for love gaming’s best PlayStation blog on XBOX without buying and investing in costly gold tags. 

What are Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate?

games on xbox gold
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Through using the Pass game Xbox, you can access almost 360 games and download them. So, you can play games on Xbox gold One for a monthly fee. You can explore several advantages of using these Xbox game passes. 

When you upgrade the pass, you can enjoy many games for only one price. These include Xbox Gold, EA Play, cloud Xbox, and PC Game Pass.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the game until you don’t want to pay a monthly fee. Maybe you can’t enjoy some titles after the addition of new ones. But you can buy your favourite title at a discounted rate.

5 Key Essential Points and Must Explore About XBOX Gold 

Are you conscious of knowing about the XBOX gold feature? You must read these five key points to know about the latest edition of Gold in the Xbox series that are beneficial to know as a pro player!

  • Suppose you don’t have an account in the Network Xbox. Then it is not possible for you to access the Xbox market to play games for Xbox gold. 
  • You can access Xbox Network on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the current console. Not only this, but you can also access Xbox Series X and series S. While you can’t enjoy such a Network on the original Xbox.
  • Using Xbox Network, you can differentiate between free and paid subscriptions. 
  • You can register to Xbox Network free of cost. At the same time, you can also enjoy a paid subscription. The monthly fee is $10, while the annual fee is $60. 
  • When you use an Xbox One or X/S Series, you can enjoy a subscription on each profile. While the Xbox 360 needs its subscription for Gold on each profile.

The latest consoles are a step up from the common consoles. Gamers have the chance to connect with friends and others. This way, they can enjoy playing games on Xbox gold with many benefits. 

Xbox Live Membership: Where to Buy

games on xbox gold
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Are you interested in buying a subscription to Xbox Live Gold? You have several options or places to buy this subscription. The best option to go for is the Xbox Marketplace. But for this, you need to sign up for an Xbox Network. Sometimes you can enjoy discounts. But commonly, you need to pay full price to get Gold Xbox Marketplace.

Another way is to visit a local box store to get games for Xbox live. This way, you can get the best and most affordable Xbox Live Gold subscription. There are various platforms that provide gift cards. These include Target, Walmart, Gamestop, and more. You have the option to choose either a one-month, three-month, or twelve-month card. 

Another amazing way to enjoy a discounted subscription for Gold Xbox is to visit online stores. These may be Amazon and in-person warehouse stores. Most of the time, these platforms offer a discounted price. So, if you don’t want to buy a subscription at full price, you can enjoy discounts on these platforms.

Guide to Xbox Live: What to Know

Before the development of games on Xbox gold, Microsoft knew that the online gaming experience needed to be a top priority. Though at that time, Sega cast dreams experienced failure. That was a major drawback to the Xbox console. At that time, Microsoft had proved that technology was able to console. It was the main thought behind the development of Xbox. 

In 2001, Xbox was not ready to launch. But the console came with a port to hint at what’s to come. After a year, the Xbox Live was released, and Microsoft perfected online functionality. Millions of users signed up for this console.

The Public Response to Xbox Live

Though the history of Live Xbox is not much peachy as it sounds, the gaming community has many issues with Microsoft on many factors.

The main issue arose in 2009. At that time, Microsoft banned many consoles from the online service for using mods. Microsoft has done it to secure the integrity of the software and brand. But unfortunately, many gamers thought of it from a personal point of view.

Then in 2014, there was a clash or attack on free games on Xbox live Gold and PlayStation Network. At that time, the attack victimised many people. So, it took many days to return to full service.


We have discussed many informative things about games on Xbox gold. It is a famous gaming experience for many people. Fans fling around the sexiest language and racism. It is why this game is more notorious. 



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