Know About the Best PlayStation Blog Game 2022-23

Are you curious to know the winner of the station play blog game of 2022? To know each detail of the winner and the game, you should read our article.

Though there are many websites that feature news and updates about the game, one of these websites is the blog station play. It features updates about the station play brand and its products. The team of the site chooses the best game to play in the year. This selection is based on many factors, such as gameplay, plots, quality and more. This game gets the award of the best game of the year,

The PlayStation game blog also gives awards in many categories. These may be indie games, VR games and more. The awards are given to great and inventive station-play games. 

What is the Best Blog Game of the Year?

Blog Game
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In 2022, the station play blog announced the game of the year nominees. Besides, it has opened up voting in almost 15 countries. The website has given one week to users to pick up their favourite game. You also have the option to visit the website to vote for your favorite blog game. 

This year, the website has not nominated the Spider-Man game. The reason is that it won an award the last year. 

Know About the Blog game in Recent Announcements 

Now, it is time to win awards. Many gaming sites have won awards. At the same time, some websites are remaining yet. The website station play has hosted awards for 2022. Some of the games on this website are great and won awards.

Though this 2022 year was the blog game year and won many awards. You can check out different gaming categories and winners of the year. Hopefully, you will be happy to see the winners because maybe those games are your favorite. The following are the new gaming characters that have won awards:

  • Thor – God of War: Ragnarok – WINNER
  • Cat – Stray – 2nd Place
  • Odin – God of War: Ragnarok – 3rd Place
  • Melania – Elden Ring – 4th Place

You have one week to vote for your favorite games. After one week, polls close, so you can’t vote. The winners of the 2022 gaming sites have been categorized into 16 sections. So, players have chosen the best category. The site owner especially thanks the voters. However, websites faced difficulties in making the decision about which game was best. You must be thank full to developers who have developed the best games.

Remember that 2022 was the year of memorable performances and PlayStation games. All the characters showed fascinating performances. The winner of the best new character award was Thor. However, there were also many other performances that all people liked the most.

People enjoyed the story of Kratos and Atreus. We don’t need to go into the insights of this performance. It will be a great experience for those who still have not enjoyed Nine Realms. The characters in the games were so fascinating. That fans held their breath to see their magic. 

There were very creative and talented artists behind the games of 2022. People enjoyed the most fascinating, mythical and fantasy blog game in the 2022 games awards. All those performances have captured the immigration of players. These range from blood-red skies to the secretive runes of Horizon Las Vegas. 

People also liked the performance of the dev team. This team has delivered nine visual realms. Each realm experienced the effect of Fimbulwinter. People also saw the colorful blasts from each Angrboda. It showed the transformation of the battlefield in colorful art. You must be thankful and happy for this unbelievable performance of the year 2022. 

Specs and Conditions of Voting for Blog Game of the Year:

blog game
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The voting for the best games for CBC was open from 15th December. The websites were designed for these awards according to the player’s choice. So they can vote for their favorite games of the year. There were almost 16 categories of games. So, it was a huge award show. All these categories have new characters, soundtracks, graphics and more. 

The following are the rules for categories and nominees:

  • In each category, you have the option to write a title. It is more common if the title is absent.
  • The closing date of polls doesn’t allow some titles to be eligible for presence.
  • Though there are many categories of games, so, a great many-players experience focuses on the games of 2022. At the same time, the great ongoing game focuses on the new or changing games of the recent year. 
  • In case a blog game won the platinum title in the last year. Then it is not possible for that game to be present in the same category next year. An example of this rule is Spider-Man 2. It won an award last year. So, it was not nominated this year. 
  • The closure date of polls was 15th December and remained for a week. It means you have one week to vote. Then at the end of the month, you get the results of the winners. The winners focus on providing and guiding people who want to win by playing these games!


With time, the world of gaming is improving. So, it becomes easy for users to find the best game on Google play. You must be thankful to developers who have created the best games for you. So, you can reach different games all over the world. No matter whether you have an android or tablet, the best games for CBC are waiting for you.

The way to play games always changes with time. This year, you have enjoyed the best games from developers on the largest website of the year. Now, you can explore many other gaming categories. These include story games, ongoing games and more. You can explore the news about popular PlayStation blog games to make yourself up to date about the trends.


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