10 Must-Install Desktop Apps for Your PC

No matter whether you want to reinstall your window or purchase a new PC. First, you need to install apps on your PC. However, there are many interesting windows desktop apps. So, it is time to decide which program is more suitable for you. Suppose you know the right programs for windows 10 and 11. It can make your installation process easier.

Explore 10 Best Desktop Apps for Your PC

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Let’s dive into the details of each software. So, you will get an idea of which software will suit your needs:

1. Internet Browser: Google Chrome

It is no surprise to see Google Chrome on top of the list. Chrome is the fastest browser that allows you to search for anything instantly. Besides, it has a wide range of libraries of chrome extensions. Go to Chrome on your phone or desktop. Then enjoy your favorite shows or other things free of cost. 

No need to worry because Chrome is a faultless desktop app. Besides, it has a lot of RAM. But if you don’t want to use it, you have many other options, such as Firefox and Opera. 

2. Cloud Storage: Google Drive

Suppose you want to choose a cloud service. Then it is good to choose Google Drive because it has a lot of free space. The free space on Google Drive is almost 15GB. The space is shared with your Google account, photos, and Gmail. 

There are many desktop apps to download, but Google Drive has the main platform. On this platform, you can store your files besides adding the files to your Google drive. You can also back up your files on your computer from Google drive. 

Sharing files with others is an easy task. No matter if you want to use the drive to back up and set up files. You must install the right driver on your Windows 10 or 11. 

You can pair drive with free cloud storage providers. This way, you can get more space to keep your files. 

3. Music Streaming: Spotify

In the past, you needed to import and organize music on the desktop. This way, you were able to listen to music. Now, it is not the case. Now, it is time to install the right music streaming software. So, you don’t need to buy albums physically or digitally. 

Many streaming desktop apps are available for you. But the most famous and useful among all is Spotify. The software is free of ads and allows you to listen to music as you want. You also have the option to go for premium Spotify software. It is the best option for keen listeners. Spotify also has many podcasts. 

4. Office Suite: LibreOffice

Maybe it is time when you need to have a productivity suite to work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Maybe you think that Microsoft is the only option to do so. But you are wrong. There is also another office suite called LibreOffice that best works for you. 

The desktop apps download is free of cost and powerful. It is the best alternative to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. 

5. Editor for Image: Paint.NET

Maybe you want basic image manipulation or need to make a screenshot of blurry information. So, it is time when you should install an image editing program on your windows. The best tool for this in Photoshop. But if you want a free tool, then you must choose Paint. NET. 

Window desktop apps are the need for image editing on your Windows. It is more powerful software than Microsoft paint. Once you install it, you will never get confused with many tools. Using this tool, you can blur a specific part of an image. Not only this, but you can also make a picture look better or add text where needed. 

6. Security: Anti-Malware Malwarebytes

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Windows 10 and 11 have a windows defender by default. It can secure the windows by antivirus. Though, it is important to have secondary security software on your PC. For this, the best option is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware which is designed for web users.

The software is free of cost. It allows you to scan your computer system to protect it against antivirus. For more security, you can go for premium software. 

7. Media and Video Player: VLC

You must be thankful for the ubiquity of YouTube. But most often, you can’t watch local videos. So, it is important for you to have a media player as your window desktop apps. This way, you can play local videos when you want. Maybe you don’t think VLC is a necessary tool to install on the desktop. But in the future, you will find it helpful. 

VLC is the best media player tool with many latest features. Using this software, you can play both videos and audio. Never skip downloading VLC on your desktop. By installing it, you can get rid of the hassle of using QuickTime. 

8. Screenshots Saver: ShareX

Though a snipping tool is already present on the desktop, you can also install another tool called ShareX. Using this tool; you can take a screenshot of everything. The snipping tool only provides a barebones feature set. So, you must install ShareX to enjoy the latest features.

You will never find a better screenshot tool than ShareX. The tool has many capturing methods and a built-in editor. So you can automatically take a screenshot.

9. File Extraction and Compression Tool: 7-Zip

Windows 10 and 11 already have a tool to support simple zipped files. But if you have to compress or extract files. Then you need to have a strong and powerful tool. Through compression and extraction, softwares is not an exciting category. But you must have a file extractor on your PC. This way, you can easily work with any archived file. 

7-Zip is the best tool to compress and extract your files. The software is small in size and installs in a few seconds. Besides, you can easily use it because of its simple interface. Never skip installing this software because it has many amazing features. 

Though each software or everything has drawbacks along with advantages, 7-Zip also has a drawback in that it has a Spartan and aged appearance. Suppose you don’t want to install this tool on your PC. Then you can go for its alternative called PeaZip. 

10. Messaging App: Rambox

Maybe you just stick to one messaging service? But you don’t need to stick to a single service. You have many options to choose from on a long list. The best among all is the Rambox. 

The software is the best option to message on windows. It allows you to add many accounts from different messaging services. These may be WhatsApp, messenger, Skype, telegram, discord, and more. You also have the option to add many other web applications, such as Apple and Music. 


We have described in detail different windows 10 and 11 desktop apps. Now, it is your time to choose the right one. Almost all apps are free and offer you a great experience. Suppose you don’t want to choose any of these softwares. Then you will find the best alternative without any trouble!

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