How to Download Games on Computer for Free

In modern times, we see the immense popularity of gaming. There is a trend of many websites emerging for online gaming platforms. You may wonder how to build your gaming collection by downloading free PC games. If you are new to gaming passion, we can help you build your best gaming collection. In this article, we’ll talk about safe sites for you to download games on computer

You can download a versatile category of action-packed gaming as well as sports. Whether you like sports, gaming, fashion adventure, crime, mystery, or any other sort of game, you will find the right option for you to download Android games on the computer.

Following is a list of the best sites you should visit to download free PC games:

Origin to Download Games on Computer

download games on computer
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Origin is known as a platform dedicated to downloading games. It is originally owned by EA. EA is one of the biggest companies for creating gaming platforms. A wide variety of games, such as FIFA, Madden, and Mass Effect, are one of the best by EA.

EA also provides you with the facility of building to its streaming that helps you to build an in-depth streaming platform for yourself. One of the best things about the origin is that you can use it on Xbox Gold. You may not find many free games on the platform. However, it is reliable and trustworthy for people to use.


With emerging gaming technologies, steam has submitted to be one of the most reliable platforms. Gamers love streaming due to the globally known studio and the creators. There is a wide range of gaming options available on steam. 

You can play RPGs, casuals, puzzle titles, and even action games. There are regular updates and offers available on steam for gamers to buy. The year ends. It also offers you the opportunity to download a lot of free games.


Do you do it is aware and loan website that helps you avail big discounts around the gaming platforms. Any new game release is provided with a good place and opportunity for you to deal with the downloading procedure. If you want to download games on  computer, this is going to be a reliable option for you to choose from. It is not possible for you to directly download any free games on G2A. However, you can find a wide range of interchangeable coins and cases that provide you with game trading options. 

Mega Games

When Mega games, you can enjoy the hardcore gaming experience. It is known as one of the best-designed websites for true gamers to download games on their computer. This is a prominent platform with fewer sections to find fun gaming options for freebies. 

There are straight-up categories of the shooter, horror, adventure, action, and mystery. If you want to download games onto the computer, this is for you! You can also contribute on your own to provide options and services on the platform. is also known as BNet. It is a gaming distribution platform that provides you with multiple facilities. This is a platform run by Activision. On, you can find a wide variety of world craft games and many upcoming games that are prominent on social media platforms. 

There are also multiple social features that allow you to connect with your friends and gamers around the world.

Epic Games Store

download games on computer
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Epic Games is believed to be the best choice for you to download games on the computer for free. The main reason is for the specific reason that Epic Game Store provides you with ever-going opportunities to download games. 

Every now and then, you will find a rivalry of Gamings coming across with multiple deals. Therefore, you as a gamer get to enjoy a lot of facilities to download games for free, engine impact, and of worship by our top-of-the-line games that you can enjoy on EPIC games.  

Acid Play

Acid play provides you with simple and free games to enjoy in your free time. If you’re tired of playing RPG and sharpshooter games, you can play a laid-back game. Acid play provides you with a wide range of genres. With this, you can download games on your computer and play them in your free time.

All Games AtoZ

All games. A-Z is a platform that provides you with all sorts of games. This is a platform that also bridges multiple platforms together. It serves as an integration point from multiple platforms. You can download epic game stores and games on the linked platform. 

This means that you don’t have to create multiple titles on different accounts, simply log on to all games AtoZ, and you’ll be able to provide yourself with multiple gaming options. 


Softpedia offers free download hubs. You can find multiple links to download games, apps, and software for your Windows, Mac, Android, and multiple devices. It provides you with a library that is extensive on another site. Although the options are a bit limited on Softpedia, but still enjoy easy games such as puzzle games, racing games, RPGs, and short versions.

Ocean of Games

Ocean of games, as the name suggests itself, provides you with a cluster of games. It is well known for its reliability and authenticity. You can find a wide range of games that are downloadable for you. All you require to do is follow the instructions given on the platform and download games on your computer

They have popular genres of gaming such as strategy, shooter, action, adventure, mystery, horror, and many more. You may also find multiple blogs and discussion forums related to gaming experiences.


The range of games available is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account when evaluating the overall quality and appeal of any gaming download service. There are many different types of games, including puzzle games, sports games, horror games, shooters, and action-adventure games. 

A lot of people want to locate websites that can brag about a diverse selection of titles to download games on the computer, stream, install, and update since many gamers prefer to play a large variety of various games rather than sticking to just one genre. The top websites always provide a wide selection of games across several genres.


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