Great and Popular Things that Come in Threes

Commonly, you can say that a thing occurs twice. Then it may occur thrice. In some cases, it is a good thing, while in some, it is a bad thing. This article will highlight some Funny things that come in threes, so it will help you to cover your needs. 

We can say if a thing occurs thrice. Then it may be called a trio or triad. Maybe you have seen a lot of things in the trio. But we will also discuss some new trios in your life. Let’s have a look at things that come in threes. Read to learn about the interesting viewpoints related to the three funny things that are common!

The Third Time’s a Charm to Consider 

things that come in threes
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There are many old, new, bad and good trios. Almost everything consists of three parts. For example:

  • Birth, life and death
  • Past, present and future
  • Mind, body and spirit
  • Beginning, a middle and an end

Moreover, we have three main colors, there are time meals, and even our size comes in threes such as small, medium and large. Not only this, we only stick to three colors such as red, yellow and green traffic lights. Besides, we also stick to bronze, gold and silver. 

For children, there are also many new trios. These may be nursery rhyme trios such as three pigs, three mice and three bears. Not only this, but trios also consider three musketeers, three amigos and three stooges. 

Moreover, there are also many things that come in threes in childhood. These include:

  • Ready, set and go
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Location, location and location
  • Stop, listen and look

You must also know that there are many brands that consider the power of thrice. So, explore many brands to know what thrice is. 

Things That Come In Threes – The List:

things that come in threes
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There are many other things that come in thrice. So, take a look at all the things that come in threes:

1. The Three Stooges

It is the most famous trio since the 20th century. It means a group of three people doing stupid things. Therefore, they are called the three stooges. 

2. The Billy Goats Gruff

It is another amazing rhyme which means three goats eat the entire grass in the field. 

3. The Number Of Bones In The Human Ear

According to human anatomy, there are three bones in the ear. These include stapes, incus and malleus. 

4. The Bronte Sisters

Maybe you know the three Bronte sisters that are famous as poets. The name of the three sisters is Emily, Anne and Charlotte. 

5. The Macbeth Witches

William Shakespeare had three witches that played Macbeth. Obviously, no one is unaware of it. The other name of those witches is weird sisters. 

6. Goals In A Hat Trick

Obviously, in each game, such as cricket and football. Players need to score three sixes, fours or outs and goals to make a hat trick. 

7. Books In Lord Of The Rings

The lord of the ring is a series containing three books. These books are:

  1. The Two Towers
  2. The Return of the King
  3. The Fellowship of the Ring

8. 3 Ships Of Christopher Columbus

Columbus had a keen interest in their journey. So, he started his journey in Spain with three ships. The name of the ships was Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

9. Traffic Lights

The traffic lights have three colors. These are red, yellow and green. 

10. US Flag Colors

The flag of the US has three colors. These are red, blue and white. Each color has significant value. White is the sign of purity, red is the sign of hardiness, and blue is the sign of justice. 

Good Things Come In Threes

Not only bad things have a trio. There are many good things that come in threes. Let’s explore some good things that come with the triad:

Freud’s Theory Of Personality

According to a rule of thrice, it is revealed that when things come in threes in nature. Then these leave a satisfying and effective impact. Therefore, each human has a positive and natural power towards the things that come in a triad. Moreover, commonly we remember things in the set of thrice. 

Though the human brain is so complex, which is why we only remember a small amount of information at a time, commonly, it is a rule that a human only remembers three things from any speech or presentation. No doubt, when we have short patterns. Then we can easily remember such patterns. According to the theory of personality, you can understand human mentality and behaviour. No doubt, it is the best theory that allows you to judge the psychology of human beings.

Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, And Homo Sapiens (The Human Species)

The human journey has evolved many times. At first, humans were called Habilis, then Erectus, and now humans are Sapiens. It is the best example of Cute things that come in threes. 

The Rule Of Three

It is the best rule that signifies the importance of thrice. According to this rule, everything in threes has a funny, satisfying and practical impact. 

Trimesters In A Pregnancy

Though pregnancy is a blessing, no doubt, it is the best stage of any woman’s life. So, it has three trimesters. 

3 Great Pyramids At Giza

There are three amazing pyramids in Giza named Khafre, Menkaure and Khufu. 

Clover Leaves

Commonly clover has three leaves. So, these are the sign of fortune and attract more lucky things towards you. 

Final Verdict:

We have discussed some new things that come in threes that you did not know before. Don’t think that threes are always a bad thing. Read to know about the three best things. Sometimes it is a good thing. So, it becomes difficult to differentiate between good and bad things. But we make sure that we have discussed all the good trios in life. So, must consider all these trios in life. 

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