10 Profitable Hobbies That Make Money to Start Today

Do you have any hobbies? Hobbies are a great way to improve skills, pass the time, and make friends. Could I also tell you that they can make you extra money? You can set up a strong financial future by taking up hobbies which make money. If you think you don’t have any skills to generate income, you must be wrong. Everyone has some talent for doing something passionately, so don’t give up.

Below is the List of Hobbies Which Make Money

1: Write for money

Money-making possibilities for writers are nearly unlimited, like getting paid to blog. A blog is an easy way to turn your passion for writing into money and is among hobbies that make money from home. Originally a creative outlet, my blog has become a full-time income stream.

There are fans for every hobby. Use blogging as a way to engage those fans. It is easy to create a blog. Choose a theme, gather your thoughts, and start typing. Making money from a blog takes time. But you’ll learn how to increase traffic, create content, and generate income online.

2: Prints on t-shirts

Some of the best online entrepreneurs started with T-shirts as there are many ways to add value to a low-cost product. The right slogan or design multiplies the sale value of plain T-shirts. Making money with T-shirts is one of the most leisurely hobbies.

3: Music

What’s next on the list of profitable best hobbies that make money? Music selling. You can change this passion into a business in several ways. Start by creating your music and selling it on your website or a service like SoundCloud. Besides songs and albums, you can also make beats and samples. Beats are short clips created from multiple sounds, while samples are pieces of sound recordings that can be reused elsewhere.

Sites similar to stock photo sites allow you to list beats. You sell your music to other people. In most cases, instrumentals dominate, and lyrics are few. There are several sites where you can list beats, including Airbit and BeatStars. The sales of BeatStars doubled from 2018 to 2019. A total of $32 million was paid to Airbit artists.

4: Sell your used items to earn money.

You can make money whenever you change your apartment or try to sell your old stuff like golf clubs, books, and furniture. You can also sell it on Facebook Marketplace and earn $700 in one week. On platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Etsy, you can sell stuff you no longer need. You could make money doing that. Probably, you already have a lot of valuable items in your garage or storage.

5: Crafts

Many crafting hobbies that make money lead to a full-time business, including jewelry making. Whatever you enjoy making with your hands, from crocheted scarves to wood-burned signs to needlepoint, you can sell it. Your product may find a market. In case you don’t have a new idea, there are a lot of sources. Always look for new crafts to sell for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.

You can get ideas for products to make from Etsy and Artfire if you aren’t already a skilled craftsperson. Start by setting up your online store, using Amazon Handmade, or selling your wares at local events.

6: Photography

Photography  hobbies that make money

Despite the abundance of photographers, there are plenty of hobbyists making money. Making money from my photography hobby allowed me to travel and enjoy nature as I worked.

Getting paid to take photos for individuals and families is probably one of the most common hobbies that make money online. Start by asking your family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and if they are willing to pay you to take pictures. It may be a family picture, a newborn, maternity, and engagement, a sports picture, or even a headshot.

Hopefully, word-of-mouth advertising will lead to more work once you get a few clients. If you have a Facebook page for your photography business, post some of the best pictures from every session and tag your clients. You could gain exposure and more clients if you tag them.

7: Cooking

It is now an art form to take elaborate pictures of food and perfect the craft. People with adventurous palates looking for new tastes are also involved. You can share your recipes with the world through blogging, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts or dive into food or cooking products by creating your own business. There are even food trucks.

According to Google, mobile phones are used by 59% of 25-to-34-year-olds to find and practice new recipes in the kitchen. DIY chefs want content (and products) you can create for them.

8: Motivate others to get in shape

Retirement hobbies that make money if fitness is your thing. Maybe you can change your favorite hobby into monetary benefits. Personal trainers make the most money with fitness. Personal trainers have different requirements depending on which gym they work at. You can probably get by with a few courses or online training in a related field.

You can become a CrossFit instructor to make money from fitness and earn $1000 per month. Level 1 Instructors must complete a two-day training course. Your gym may also pay commissions to bring in new members or take on personal training clients.

9: Woodworking

It’s a fun hobby. Handcrafted wooden products feel and look great. Woodworkers even report that the hobby is meditative and stress-relieving. You can specialize as much or as low as you want in this craft. You will be able to charge more if your product is of higher quality and more unique. Furthermore, you can make many things for your own home.

10: Gaming

To relax, do you like to play video games? You can turn your hobbies making money by playing games on the phone. Is it true? Playing on your phone can earn you money? It hosts hundreds of games. The games are paid.

You can help developers improve their games before they launch them. It takes 2 to 5 minutes to earn units with the app. The developers will greatly appreciate your feedback on the game. The gift cards you can redeem include Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, Google Play, PlayStation gift cards, and iTunes, among others.

  • Stream games

Gaming on platforms can be live-streamed. You can get paid to watch others play since many people enjoy it. Almost $1 billion was spent on it by Amazon. Place ads on your streams to monetize your gaming. Subscribers or donations can be requested once you gain a following. Sponsorship deals exclude; Disguised Toast makes about a month. Playing 40 hours a week can earn you between $3,000 and $5,000.


Many hobbies which make money, and some won’t get paid for. You can’t get paid to eat ice cream. You’re in business if you can create your delicious brand. Make sure your hobby has value. Discover what others are willing to pay for it and know the difference between a hobby and a business.



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