Which Apps Download YouTube Videos for Free

If you are an apple user, you would know how selective apple is when it comes to allowing an app to run on their IOS. Therefore, iPhone and other IOS users have a tough time finding which apps download YouTube videos. This can be very disappointing. Suppose you wish to download videos on your iPhone. But I don’t know how to. You don’t need to worry anymore. There are a number of methods that iPhone users can use. This article will help you find apps that download YouTube videos for iPhone and how to use those apps.

If you want to learn about which applications download YouTube videos for iPhone, then keep on reading. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t let its users download videos from the website directly. While it is difficult, it is possible to download videos from websites on your iPhones and iPods.

Which Apps Download YouTube Videos

which apps download youtube videos
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It can be frustrating to find out which apps download YouTube videos. Therefore, we have tested various video downloaders for iPhone for you And come up with a list of downloaders. Use these five best apps to download videos on your apple products and enjoy videos without internet issues.

4K Video Downloader:

4k video is a fantastic app. It isn’t an exclusive iOS app, but it is too great to miss out. Works on many platforms. Let’s you download high-resolution videos such as 4k. It works incredibly well with YouTube and lets you access and download private videos. 

Moreover, it lets you download an entire playlist from your YouTube account with just a touch. Other than that, the 4k video downloader lets you extract subtitles and audio from


Features of 4k video downloader:

  • Download playlists and channels on youtube.
  • Subtitle download
  • Extract audio from the video
  • 3D video downloads. 
  • Smart Mode lets you set the same setting for all future downloads.


Foxfm comes next on our list of which apps download YouTube videos. It allows you to download video for iPhone from multiple channels such as YouTube, google drive, daily motion etc. Moreover, you can use this app to convert videos into audio. 

Other than that, you can use this app to share videos on various social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Another great feature is that you can set passwords for your files. 

Features of fox fm:

  • download files and videos from different channels 
  • help in File management and extraction 
  • lets you convert videos to audio.
  • Supports several file formats, like MP3, MP4, PPT, JPG, DOC and  DOCX.
  • File sharing through email.
  •  Password option for files. 
  • Compatibility with iPhone/iOS 12 or later.


Snaptube comes in 3rd  on this list. It is undoubtedly an excellent YouTube downloader for the iPhone. It provides a list of sites that it supports. Safety and reliability go in hand with snap tubes. In addition, It lets you open more than one window and multitask. This is known as a floating player. It is a distinctive feature. Snaptube also comes with a search bar, which makes it easier and quicker to search for things.

 Visible features of snaptube are:

  • Can convert videos to MP3.
  • Various resolutions are available to download videos. 
  • It has a floating video player.
  • Comes with the ease of multitasking.
  • Option of night mode available.


Finally, iDownloader made it to the list of which apps download YouTube videos as well because iDownloader gives you the option of downloading videos from almost all sites, not just YouTube. 

It’s a straightforward app. This app comes with the option of background running. It lets you download videos in the background while you surf on other sites. 

You can easily download audio and documents straight from the site. Besides that, It also lets you download multiple files at a time, thus making it very quick.

Features include:

  • Download files directly from any site to your iPhone or any iOS product. 
  • Option of multiple downloads.
  • Let’s download almost 50 videos at a time.
  • In addition, it comes with a file manager to manage files. 
  •   Real-time progress bar. 
  • Helps you download files with just one touch.
  • Wide range of formats available.
  • Provides you with excellent video quality.
  • Comes with the option of sharing files to different apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

We are pretty sure by now you would have an idea about what apps can download YouTube videos. You can use them to stream your favourite videos or audio on your iPhone or iPad on the go. No network is necessary. All these have been tested. 

Search through these apps and pick the one most suitable to your needs. 

Online Downloader to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

which apps download youtube videos
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We have told you a lot about which apps download YouTube videos. However, If you have a storage issue or don’t wish to download a downloading app, then use Online Downloader. It is indeed a fantastic platform for iPhone and computer users. It’s not only quick and free to use, but it lets you download videos from YouTube without restrictions.

How? Let’s see!

  • Online Downloader has partnered with YouTube. This means that as a user, it Lets you download videos from YouTube for free. 
  • There is no restriction on downloading. You can download unlimited videos.
  • Moreover, it works in all formats. Simply go to that site and download it.
  • Other than that, Online Downloader not only allows you to download but also lets you save videos.
  • It lets you download in different formats and qualities. Just select the quality and format before downloading. 
  • Moreover, you can paste links from YouTube on this site or type in the name of the video on the search bar. Both options would give you authentic results. 

Final Verdict:

If you are a YouTube user, you would know that YouTube lets you download videos. Then you would be wondering why you need these apps. The thing is, downloaded YouTube videos are saved to your online site only. Not on your iPhone. So, you can only have these videos on your phone through these apps.

Therefore, to make your life a little easier, we have discussed and listed down which apps download YouTube videos. You could use these five apps to download videos for free!


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