Top 7 Best Music Sites for free download

You can subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify to get unlimited access to millions of songs worldwide. If you keep paying to keep that illusion, you’ll lose all your music if you stop your subscription. You can download your tracks forever if you want a more permanent solution. Getting those tracks doesn’t have to be expensive since there are music sites for free download. Following is the list of the seven best free music download websites list.

1. Free Music Archive

Even after so many years, the Free Music Archive remains as popular. Everyone loves to download music for free. In New Jersey, it’s a freeform radio station independently launched by WUFM. You may find some popular artists’ songs though most free songs are from unknown artists. Either way, it’s a cool way to find new music.

Everything on this site is free for personal use, so you don’t have to worry about legality. But if you’re going to use the songs commercially, you need to check the licenses for each one.

2. ReverbNation

Big names in the music industry like Imagine Dragons, The Civil Wars, and many others built their fan following and shared music. You will find this music site to download for free that offers a huge collection of pop and Hip-hop music worldwide. There are currently over 4 million registered users on the website, including artists, regular users, and various labels. Additionally, it offers an extensive catalog for unmatched user experiences.

It also gives music aspirants a much-needed platform and connects them to the right opportunities when they need them. You may sign up for a free account and connect to enormous artists to grow your career. Users who want more can go to the Discover section, which contains a detailed list of downloadable audio files.

3. SoundCloud

You can download unlimited music from SoundCloud for free and access it from any computer. It is one of the best music sites for free download; independent artists and famous musicians upload the beats on this free MP3 music download site. Some SoundCloud tracks require you to like a Facebook page to download them, while others can be downloaded instantly with the Free Download button.

It is a platform that lets artists connect with their fans and share music directly. There are paid subscription plans on SoundCloud, but a basic account allows free access to the site. You have full access to download songs in different formats of several artists’ tracks. When you play a song, you will find an option of More, so by clicking it, you can also download the song to your phone or device. The Download file menu option will appear if it’s downloadable.    

4. Audiomack

The best SoundCloud alternative is Audiomack, an emerging music-sharing platform user-friendly interface. Among sites for free download of music, music lovers and labels can find amazing music.

You can discover great songs by browsing its well-categorized sections, including Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums. All the latest music tracks in the trending section, like electronic, hip hop, or reggae, make the site popular for the young generation.

There are not all free songs on Audiomack, but many artists offer remixed music and tracks. You can stream unlimited songs through the website or free iOS and Android apps.

5. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music offers free streaming and download services and artist licensing. Other websites on our list offer more curated audio, while Jamendo’s services help artists to find partnerships to monetize their music. Streaming/download and content licensing are the two sections of Jamendo’s user interface. You can find new music in several ways from the main interface. Listen to spotlighted albums and mixes, browse tags and playlists, and explore genre-based radio stations.

These are the key features:

  • Independent artists and free streaming music
  • Catalog with artist services
  • Commercial content that is paid

6. Bandcamp

On Bandcamp, some musicians have had live concert music shows since 2008, and this music-free download app is designed for music lovers. The content is in dozens of categories, including reggae, rock, and music for kids. Although Bandcamp doesn’t offer a way to browse free music as part of its navigation, it is still straightforward. Bandcamp lets you browse tracks for free or set your price (zero dollars). You may browse for “free downloads” to find free music at Bandcamp.

7. Beatstars

Recently, it is discovered another free MP3 music download site called Beatstars. You would like to notice its clean and beautiful UI, which features a dark mode. You can download music legally and free of cost by using this website since you need to sign up with your email address for music-free download YouTube. When you finish signing up, you will receive a notification email to complete the registration in your inbox.

You may require to like an artist’s profile or subscribe to a Youtube channel in the mail. Then you can download songs for free on many sites, so that’s not unusual.


Music sites for free download come down to what you need. Like Bandcamp and the Internet Archive, some music sites for free download emphasize accessibility and variety. Some focus on specific niches, such as Beatstars for producers and YouTube Audio Library for content creators. Have fun by getting started with downloading music of your choice and check out what is best for you.

Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify, and other premium music streaming services provide free trials for listening to and downloading songs to check them out.

The above list contains the best places to find unlimited songs for free download and solutions to your problem. It is worth noticing that not all songs are available for free on these platforms, as some are only available for free streaming. You can check your music list according to your taste as all the apps are compatible with your android or iOS phone. If you do not find your desired track, you can check the other website to download it.


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