Most Effective Ways to Repair Cracked Screen

Looking for ways to repair cracked screen on your phone? People commonly don’t put protective cases on their phones. Therefore, cracks and scratches are inevitable in this scenario. You cannot avail of any shortage of screen repairs. 

However, if your phone screen is already broken, you can use temporary ways to fix your phone screen in an easy way. It will help you to save a few hundred dollars. 

Causes of Cracked Phone Screen

repair cracked screen
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We can always be extremely careful of things and still end up damaging them. Don’t worry if you want to repair cracked screen. Some main reasons why your phone screen breaks are: 

  • Dropping it on something solid.
  • Placing your phone in your back pocket while using it. 
  • Smacking into objects with your phone still in your pocket or bag.
  • Employing a tool other than a stylus to write with. 
  • Using a protective case is the greatest defense against a cracked phone screen.

How to Repair Cracked Screen on a Smartphone

repair cracked screen
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There are plenty of options that you can use to repair your screen. Let’s talk about the multiple options that can help you fix the screen:

  1. Packing tape: it can help you to put together small cracks. Do you want to repair the cracked screen on the phone? You can use an X-acto knife to help you trim the tape. 
  2. Super glue: With super glue or cyanoacrylate glue, you can align the smaller cracks. Make sure you use the minimum amount of glue possible. Once you have put everything together, make sure you use a swab or cloth to wipe out the excess glue. 
  3. Check your touch: phones with touch still working can easily change screens. You can do it yourself! All you need is a glass of $10-$20. You can get the tools based on your phone. 
  4. Let the manufacturer fix it for you: Are you confused about doing things wrong? It is best that you deal with a reliable manufacturer. They will provide you with an easier solution if the product has a warranty. 
  5. Mobile Carrier: did you buy a phone from a mobile carrier? You can take the phone to them. They won’t provide you with any warranty on it, but they still have networks to get things done. You may luckily achieve a discount if you reach out to the call center. 

How to fix a cracked phone screen at home?

Do you want to take the leap of faith and fix your front straight on your own in your house? We can help you with that. Follow the guide below to help yourself fix a cracked screen at home.

Scrub and Clean With a Toothpaste

You may find it weird when you come across tips like rubbing the screen with paste to repair cracked screen. However, it actually helps! People talk about their experiences of putting paste on their screens. The practice is common, and many people have been following it for many years. Therefore, you can use your paste for more than brushing your teeth! 

Toothpaste can be a cheap and reliable option to fix your screen. So you have decided to fix your screen with toothpaste? Follow the steps below:

  • Put toothpaste on the screen’s cracked area.
  • Gently rub it, then wait a bit.
  • After a few minutes, wipe it off with clean cotton.

One challenge of using toothpaste to fix the screen is that it may not work over all the spots. You may find small dots on the screen. However, you will be fine fixing the cracks with it. 

Apply a Nail Polish

Wondering how to root an android? Nail Polish is also a similar way to help you fix a cracked screen. You may commonly find nail Polish lying around in the house if you have females. However, if you don’t have one, you can simply go away from a neighbor.

Nail Polish is useful for you beyond fixing nails. You may be wondering how people can use nail Polish to fix screens. People have been doing it for longer than you can imagine. If you also want to try out this on your home screen with nail polish: 

  • Nail polish should be applied to the cracked region. 
  • Give it a few minutes to dry. 
  • Using a razor blade, scrape off the dried polish. 
  • Follow the same process in repetition to repair cracked screen.

Use a screen protector to protect your phone.

If you would like the budget to fix your phone screen, you can use a temporary screen product here to help your phone from cracking. It prevents any dust or water from entering the phone screen. It will have to prevent any further damage to the screen. 

Can we fix a cracked phone screen at home by ourselves?

Phones straight are almost delicate. Part of your phone it is. You might not want to go through any experiment on your own. However, if it is on the verge of damage, you need to take precautions. A single track can go a long way. Therefore, you need to take extra care and caution when your phone is cracked. 

It is true that you may want to take precautions, but once your phone is cracked. We suggest you keep your hands off of it. Following are some reasons why you should not repair cracked screen

Hazard and Other Potential Risks

If you plan to use a liquid substance to fix a cracked screen, take precautions. It is hazardous for your health. Using liquid substances may put you at potential risk of exposure to these chemicals, and it’s true that most of the forms are water resistant.

However, you do not want any ink on your screen. Not only this, but if you use a liquid substance and it goes through the cracks and damages the battery circuit, you will likely have to suffer more than what you’re going through now.


Different devices use different kinds of accessories. It is true that in Phoenix, Itel techno and these devices are likely to have different screens and technology accessories. You need to understand what kind of phone you own before using any kind of tool on your phone. There are many fixed strings available in the market that will only damage your phone. 

Loss of Warranty

Most of the phones come with a warranty. If you own one, you don’t want to lose the warranty. Once you try to fix the phone on your own, you will not have any chance of claiming a warranty over it. Hence it is in your best interest. If you have a warranty, you take it to the manufacturer and claim it. 


Why take a risk to repair cracked screen when you can take reliable measures? Understand that screens are extremely sensitive, and damaging them can lead to your phone circuit being affected. If you try to prone it too much, you may come across more trouble than expected. 

We suggest you consult your phone supplier or manufacturer to solve these issues. Do you have a phone with a warranty? Don’t bother going through the hassle and simply claim the warranty to take the burden off your shoulders. 


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